Ready to sell!!!

Getting your house ready to sell is extremely important.  Real estate agents are tasked sometimes with having the job of stating the hard, honest, truth.  I walk through homes with a very crucial eye.  Not out of judgement to the seller, just out of the protection of their probably most valuable possession.  When a buyer walks through your house, you want them to think “wow, I would love to live here”.  A dirty house makes buyers perception of value come down so in my book, cleanliness equals dollar signs.  Please don’t think that if you were to walk though my house at this very moment that a few things wouldn’t be out of order.  But my house isn’t for sale!!!  If you plan to list, all your ducks should be in a row if you would like to get top dollar for home.  I would start by cleaning and decluttering.  I would try to neutralize any crazy paint colors or fresh coat of paint could bring life back to a drab house.  Try to stay in the current in style color pallet.  Take the time to pressure wash the house, gutters, sidewalks, patios, sheds, and any other structures close to the home. I would spruce up flower beds and make sure yard is freshly cut and edged prior to pictures.  If there are any repairs you have put off because they are just to minor and tedious to address on any regular day, do them!!!  Unfinished projects are a turn off to buyers.  Smells… So, this is an important one. Make sure the house has a positive, inviting, maybe even comforting smell.  Not anything to overpowering.  I am a fan of natural scents.  Meyers cleaners and orange oil are great for cleaning and the orange oil used on cabinets and furniture leaves a fresh citrus scent.  If you are trying to mask as odor don’t try to overpower it, neutralize it instead.  I know all this sounds tedious and time consuming but, in the end, it will help you get the most bang for your buck when you go to sell your house.  

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