What to expect at final walk through???

What to expect at final walk through???

Per our State contract: “Irrespective of the election made above (referring to whether buyer elected to have a home inspection or not), buyers retain the right to perform a final walkthrough inspection of the property prior to closing to verify the terms of the contact have been fulfilled and to confirm that any seller repairs or sellers removal of personal property has not damaged the property.  Seller shall provide unlimited access to the property and shall see that all utilities are on for the final walk-through and continuing through the time of closing.” 

Usually, a final walk through takes place right before closing.  It’s best not to do it too far ahead of time, even if house and sellers are ready because mother nature may have a different plan and things could change in a weeks’ time unbeknownst to you.  The buyer’s agent should set an appointment with the listing agent for final walk through to ensure that the sellers personal belongings are out, and house has been broom swept.  As referenced above in what the state contract covers regarding final walk through it is a time to make sure no further damage was done to the property in sellers or tenants move out process and that repairs were completed as agreed.  If you are buying a lived-in home, you are probably going to find nail holes still in walls and dings you didn’t see before when furniture was in place.  This is normal and not of concern, a lived-in home is not perfect and shouldn’t be expected to be.  Life happens.  Now holes in walls or major damage that were not disclosed is another story.  I have even had situations where sellers left personal items behind.  At time of closing, unless previously arranged items that remain become property of the buyer.  At closing you are going to sign a declaration of acceptance, that states you accept the property as is on day of closing.  So, if you are not happy with something, don’t sign… it is yours at that point!!!

I usually walk around with my clients, look in drawers, cabinets, closets to make sure items weren’t accidentally left behind as we all know moving is a hectic time and things do happen.  I run water in sinks, flush toilets, turn on showers, turn on over, stove, microwave.  Something could have happened from the time home inspection happened and the time you close.  I would rather be safe then sorry.  If you find something that isn’t perfect or in working order, talk to your agent as they may be able to get the issue addressed before closing.  It is common courtesy and practice to have the grass cut before exchange of hands.  The last thing someone wants to do while moving is having to stop and cut the grass. 

A final walk through should take 15-20 minutes at the max. 

Happy House Hunting!!!

Dee Salvas-Broker

Moxie Properties

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